Sunday, February 1, 2009

Myth Wedding Ring (2009 Valentine Special)

Why ring on 4th finger. See the explanation on this video

Monday, January 26, 2009

Signs That Your Date Is Not The One

After enduring weeks of single girl sympathy, you finally agreed to let your cousin set you up with that "great guy" she knows. Since you said yes, you figure you might as well make the most of it and keep an open mind. But, just in case, you ask your best friend to call your cell about a half hour into the date so you can fake an emergency if needed.

Actually, it's not even faking. Bad dates are emergencies. However, lucky for you, there are warning signs that the person you are out with is, and always will be, a terrible date. If you are unlucky enough to experience any of them first hand, make sure to answer your friend's call saying, "Oh no! That's terrible! I'll be right over."

He's Late

This one is pretty basic. If a guy doesn't have enough enthusiasm for the date to actually show up on time, you shouldn't expect to be impressed by the rest of the night. Obviously, there are times when you just can't help it, but he'd better have a good reason if he shows up at your door even 15 minutes late.

He's Not Dressed to Impress

You've spent hours on your hair and a pile of rejected clothes covers your bed. You are finally dressed to the nines in the perfect outfit and ready for the evening. You open the door and are surprised to be greeted by your date in torn jeans and a stained t-shirt. You doubt he's washed his hair today (or yesterday). You expected a nice night out and he shows up looking like he's dressed for a monster truck rally.

He Takes you to a Monster Truck Rally

Original and unique first dates are a great way to stand out from the rest of the fish in the sea, but there are exceptions. He should at least do a little research into your style before he plans an unusual activity. Sure, he might really love hot dogs and monster trucks, but if you were thinking fine dining and theatre, there's bound to be trouble.

The fact that he didn't bother to ask your opinion beforehand (or at least get the matchmaker's thoughts on the plan) doesn't bode well for how he's going to respect your needs and wants in the future.

He Expects You to Pay

It's not absolutely necessary that he pick up the check. Along with all those useful freedoms like voting, the feminist movement also brought us the responsibility of at least offering to pay for half the date. Most guys still think it's chivalrous to pick up the tab for the first date and there's nothing wrong with indulging his male ego (after an appropriate amount of protesting of course).

No girl is expecting a man to drop a fortune on a first date, but a guy who expects you to pay for everything without lifting a finger to open his own wallet doesn't give off the impression that he cares much what you think of him. In fact, he probably won't see a second date (and maybe not even the end of the first one). A good rule of thumb for payment is: whoever asks for the date, pays for the date.

He Talks About his Ex

So maybe you escaped the monster truck rally, but instead of choking on exhaust fumes and standing in a sea of drunken mullets, you get to hear all about his wonderful or horrible ex-girlfriend. Bonus trouble points if he had a nasty breakup and insists on sharing the details with you.

If he refers to his ex even once with a derogatory insult that you wouldn't call your worst enemy, run for the hills now. It's not a good sign if he can't say anything nice about the last woman with whom he had a significant relationship.

How Can I Put This.? He's a Weirdo.

Yes, it's time to weed out those with personal quirks that you find distasteful or generally unacceptable. This will be different for every woman of course (some chicks really dig witchcraft, guys that live with their moms or Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts). Regardless, that tight knot that is forming in your stomach while you listen to his ideas, habits and activities, should not be ignored.

Awkward Moments vs. Awkward Hours

When he's not filling you in on his wacky life, the conversation stalls into silence or unintelligible grunting. It's normal to have a little awkwardness or difficulty getting conversation to flow in the beginning of a first date, but if after a few minutes, he still can't think of a single question to ask about your life or keep up with the conversation, it's time to call it a night.

If it's twenty minutes in and you've run out of things to talk about, you probably don't have much of a future together.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Marriage For Insurance

If you're thinking the idea of marriage insurance is new, then think again. Its roots go back to the very beginnings of insurance in England. As early as 1664, insurance policies were being written on births, marriages, christenings, and more. Marriage itself is a forward-looking and joyous event. It is a time when your outlook seems bright, and dreams are coming to fruition. Throughout history, marriage has been the cornerstone of what we know as civilized society; or perhaps religious society.

Couples of today are marrying later in many cases. Both husband and wife bring more assets and more debt into the relationship. Yet, it's rare that an investment vehicle today can provide individuals with monetary incentive for simply staying married. Forms of agreement are available in triplicate for divorce settlements. But as far as pre-vow papers go to insure an increase in wealth if two people can stay married, they simply are hard to come by, if they exist at all. There are very few guarantees in life, some may argue only one, and based on the current divorce rates, any insurance company offering these policies would surely make a fortune, right? Well, not exactly. Once you're married, you're married until death or divorce papers are signed. If a couple had a large monetary settlement coming after 20 years, they could divorce after 10 and refuse to sign the papers, agreeing to split the money when it comes.

Approximately 2.3 million weddings take place in the U.S. alone annually. Data suggests that half of these marriages will end via divorce. One of the only insurance companies offering to pay a settlement upon completion of a 25th wedding anniversary is the SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation. If the idea of an insured marriage sounds crazy, then maybe you're better suited finding an insured wedding. Many insurance companies out there will insure your wedding. And for many people, it's the only way to tie the knot.

Wedding costs keep skyrocketing, and brides and grooms are taking big financial risk to plan that special day. With all of the things you have to book like the church, caterers, reception hall, etc, things can just get crazy for you if one goes belly up. Instead of ending up thousands in the red, companies like WedSafe are allowing you to insure weddings. A policy like this covers all sorts of unforeseen problems that could derail a wedding. If any event leads to a cancellation or postponement, the policy will foot the bill.

These policies are vastly different. One wants to ensure your fail to reach your 25th, and the other wants to be sure you make it through that faithful day. But either way you slice it, neither policy seems like a bad idea if you're getting married. Why not have insurance on your wedding day, all the way up through your 25th anniversary?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why Choose Online Adult Education

After you've been out of school for a few years, the idea of taking adult education classes can seem intimidating or even scary for many people. After all, most people have their life somewhat organized after they've been out of school a while. They may have a job, a family and children, and feel quite secure in their role as an adult. So going back to school can in some ways be seen as a step backwards, away from the reality and security of adult life.

But the truth is, deciding to attend adult education classes can be a big step forward in your life, even though it may not seem that way at first glance. Continuing or completing your education as an adult is richly rewarding, and we'll give you the satisfaction of having achieved something important in your life -- a type of milestone.

One common reservation about going back to school is finding the time in your busy life for study. But with a little commitment and preparation, all of us can find creative ways to free up time during the week. Perhaps you will need to cut back on your extracurricular activities, or delegate certain responsibilities to your spouse for a period of time. But as someone once said, anything worth achieving requires sacrifice.

If you're interested in continuing your education, but nervous about the concept of going back to school, there's good news: it is now possible to attend online adult education courses, bypassing the traditional classroom altogether. Online learning also is easier to work into your schedule for several reasons.

You see, unlike traditional classroom education, online learning is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are normally no fixed times when you must "attend" classes; instead, you are presented with a series of tasks, which you can then complete on your own time frame.

Even those of us with hectic job and family schedules can find a few minutes here and there to study online. And the more you get into it, the more you will find creative ways to make the most of the time you do have available during the week. Online education conforms to your specific situation -- not the other way around, and is without a doubt the best way to go back to school as an adult.

But besides being able to work your studies around your schedule, online education saves you time and money in other ways. For example, you never have to rush home after work, just to grab a quick bite to eat and then rush back out the door to drive across town for a class. This saves you gas money, a great deal of stress, and makes the most of the free time you have, so that you can continue to have a life while you study.

And Internet educational resources have developed to the point where you can study for a wide range of adult education degrees online. Many people also find this way of studying easier, because classes are normally presented in video format, which means that you can watch them over and over again as many times as you like until the information "sinks in."

If you have been considering adult education, but were nervous at the prospect of going back to schoolArticle Submission, online adult education could be a perfect solution for you to advance in your career and life.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't try it at home

Paint your lover white

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is Love and Lust ??

Lust is always mistaken as love. Lust is passion. Lust is desire. Lust is therefore not love. It can be difficult for the inexperienced to distinguish between the two emotions. Especially, in the beginning of a relationship when sexual feelings are stronger.


Love is the emotional attachment in a relationship. Love is the sincere feeling of affection and devotion that you have for your partner. It is a deep, profound, and pure emotion that does not sway easily. Love is an emotion that can take years to build up and can only be felt for someone you hold dear.


And then there is lust. Lust can be felt towards anybody with a sufficient amount of sexual appeal. Lust is so sensual in it's raw nature of being and can be formed instantly. It is a strong, excessive craving for sexual intimacy that can be difficult to control.

It is probably lust if sex is the main basis of your relationship. Can't keep your hands off each other? Is sex the only thing that you look forward to with this person? It is probably lust. A relationship founded on lust will only last as long as the two people involved are sexually attracted to one another; this can wear off fast.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love Blog Wallpaper

Make it as your wallpaper, or send it to your love one.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eveready Valentine

Funny Ad by Eveready ...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

True Love or Fake Love

Finding out if what you have is true love can be tricky. Feelings must be analyzed before they can be identified for what they truly are. The best way to find out how you really feel about someone is to sit down and dissect the relationship.

Signs Of Not Real Love

Possible signs that it isn't true love is you...

* think of your partner as absolutely perfect
* are concerned with your needs first
* need to spend all your free time with your partner
* quickly became infatuated with your partner
* tend to be jealous easily
* can't come to a compromise after fighting

# Signs Of A True Love

Possible signs that what you have may be true love is you...

* accept your partner and their flaws
* are concerned with your partner's needs first
* are comfortable being apart from one another
* slowly fell for your partner
* trust your partner completely
* are able to resolve a fight and grow stronger through it