Sunday, February 11, 2007

Romantic Movies Help Spread Valentine Love

With Valentine’s Day nearly here, many couples will no doubt find themselves picking up a movie for a cozy evening in. So many choices, so many opportunities to make the wrong selection and spoil the most romantic evening of the year.

To set the mood and enhance the likelihood of having a night to remember, AOL Video turned to Nancy Slotnick, author of “Turn Your Cablight On (Get Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less),” for tips on selecting a movie and setting the scene for a romantic evening at home this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Get Too Tragic. Movies with star-crossed lovers, like “Romeo & Juliet,” may be romantic, but may not set the ideal mood on Valentine’s Day.

Chick Flicks are In. Since Valentine’s Day is notoriously a woman’s holiday, men may want to go along with the girliest film they can tolerate, all in the name of love of course. For those who just can’t bear to rent a true “chick flick,” then a romantic-comedy is the next best bet.

Foreign Films are Trés Sexy. Europeans know romance. Take a lesson from “Amélie,” a movie billed as “a love letter to romantics.” Not to mention the accents, which are enough to set the evening’s romantic tone on their own.

Share the Couch. Regardless of what you watch, don’t sit across the room from your date. And ditch the popcorn. Wine, cheese and chocolate will best complement any romantic movie.

Short Movies are Best. You don’t want you or your sweetie to fall asleep on the sofa before the end of the movie. So choose a short film to help ensure time for romance once the movie is over.

To help get into a romantic state of mind, AOL Video compiled the “Top Five Most Romantic Movie Moments” into a free highlights reel available for viewing at

These moments include:

5) “Pretty Woman” - Edward “rescues” Vivian in the final scene.

4) “Sleepless in Seattle” - Sam describes his wife Maggie on the radio call-in show.

3) “Ghost” -: Sam crosses over and can feel Molly’s touch.

2) “Titanic” - When Rose and Jack stand at the bow of the ship.

1) “Jerry Maguire” - Jerry tells Dorothy, “You . . . complete me.”